The science of poop!

By @FoodLabScience - 05 March, 2018

Our digestive system is like a black box, we can only tell what goes in and comes out. So, what can we say about what comes out?

Are all sugars equal? A toxicity assessment of sugar

By @FoodLabScience - 12 February, 2018

Sugar has recently been blamed for many obesity-related issues. If we dive into the metabolism of sugar, where do these issues come from?

Can gut microbes cause cancer?

By @FoodLabScience - 08 February, 2018

Our gut contains many microorganisms. On average the weight of the gut microbiome is about 2 kg. Most are beneficial, yet some can cause more harm than we like..

Paper discussion #4 – The Cloning Revolution

By @FoodLabScience - 29 January, 2018

Do you remember Dolly the sheep? The first mammal to ever be cloned. Chinese researchers have stepped it up and cloned these beautiful twins! Meet Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua.

Supplements #1: Echinacea

By @FoodLabScience - 26 January, 2018

Echinacea, medicinal herb or pretty flower?

A prevention for cancer?

By @FoodLabScience - 22 January, 2018

Nowadays, everyone has lost loved ones to the disease that is cancer. A new hope has arrived with CancerSEEK.

The farmer’s friend

By @FoodLabScience - 19 January, 2018

If farmers are not trying to use pesticides they need to use alternative methods to keep pests away from their plants. The farmer's have friends who can help them though: The parasitoid wasps.

The Urban Farm

By @FoodLabScience - 11 January, 2018

What would the farm of the future look like?

Toilet to tap

By @FoodLabScience - 9 January, 2018

Do you ever think how our wastewater is dealt with? Find out here how your wastewater can be converted into clean and drinkable water.

A Case for the Moon Base

By @FoodLabScience - 4 January, 2018

A colony on Mars would give us access to many new resources, knowledge, and a backup home planet. But perhaps we should first consider a simpler task. Here FoodLabScience makes a case for the Moon base

Legumes: A Comprehensive Processing Overview

By @FoodLabScience - 1 January, 2018

Legumes are a common food in the whole world. Except they contain antinutritional factors. These ANFs inhibit the digestion of the nutrition in the legumes! Read here about how the industry is trying to inactivate these ANFs.

Survival of the Fattest

By @FoodLabScience - 21 December, 2017

What made people survive 10.000 years ago is now putting them at risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2.

The Nano World - Atomic Layer Deposition

By @FoodLabScience - 18 December, 2017

As the scale for our technology becomes smaller we reach the world of molecules and atoms. In order to manipulate these small particles we need suitable techniques. In this post we introduce Atomic Layer Deposition.

Printing 'Living Matter'

By @FoodLabScience - 12 December, 2017

Scientists have developed a method to print 'living matter'. Read about the biotechnical and biomedical applications this has.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

By @FoodLabScience - 8 December, 2017

How much should you eat each day. An important question now that so many people are dealing with excess weight. This post explores in what ways we expend energy, so that it is possible to calculate the Total Daily Energy Expenditure

#002 Paper discussion - Sugary drinks 2

By @FoodLabScience - 15 October, 2017

The second entry in the paper discussion section. This post is a follow up on the previous post on the consumption of sugary drinks. What effects does refill policy have on soda consumption?

#001 Paper discussion - Sugary drinks

By @FoodLabScience - 8 October, 2017

The first entry into the paper discussion section. This video is about a paper in BMC nutrition that looked into the metabolic effects of drinking a sugary or non-sugary drink during a meal.

The Atwater Study

By @FoodLabScience - 29 October, 2017

Wilbur Olin Atwater proposed the metabolizable energies for the three macro-nutrients in 1910. These are still used universally today, while many errors have been found in the Atwater studies.

The wrong food?

By @FoodLabScience - 8 July, 2017

Obesity is a serious problem in the USA and medical costs are rising. Is this because people eat too much food, or the wrong food?